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A Smile Makeover Transforms Your Look

Stained, worn or crooked teeth. Extreme wear. Ugly cracks. While these conditions may not lead to discomfort or serious dental health problems, they can compromise the look of your smile. Cosmetic dentistry has developed a solution to these imperfections that can deliver the flawless smile you’ve always wanted–smile makeovers in St. Croix Falls and Woodville, WI. A smile makeover is nothing less than a renovation of your smile with a focus on esthetic issues. After your smile makeover, you’ll be thrilled with your new look and be eager to show it off!

This transformation is made possible through a series of cosmetic dentistry treatments completed over a period of time to provide outstanding results. As a full-service general dentistry practice, Veneman Dental Care can offer you all of those services in one of our convenient locations. The length of your treatment depends on your current dental health as well as the complexity and number of procedures that you require. After your smile makeover, you’ll not only have an enhanced look but also greater confidence and improved dental performance!

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  • Dr. Kelsey Veneman discusses the different types of cosmetic dentistry

Select Smile Makeover Services


Made of transparent but tough plastic, Invisalign has obvious advantages over traditional metal braces. This revolution in cosmetic dentistry straightens your teeth with clear aligners instead of highly visible brackets and wires. Invisalign discreetly corrects crookedness, crowding, and gaps between teeth. Incredible results will be all that they see!

Teeth Whitening

Professional-quality teeth whitening treatment gives you results that you can’t experience with over-the-counter products. With the gel-based Opalescence® treatment, we can give you whiter, brighter teeth that boost your confidence and enable you to smile without hesitation—all in about 90-minutes!

Crowns and Bridges

If your teeth have become weakened due to internal decay, dental crowns—sometimes called caps—will restore the strength, function, and beauty of your natural teeth with a durable substitute. If you need multiple crowns, we can often anchor them on healthy teeth with dental bridges, which are rows of crowns that fill in the gaps left by unhealthy teeth. Both crowns and bridges can last for many years with proper maintenance.

Our Patients tell the story best

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  • "After my smile makeover I no longer cover my mouth when I laugh"
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  • "Full mouth reconstruction gave me more confidence in myself"

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