Laser Dentistry

More Effective, Less Invasive Treatment

Laser Dentistry Makes Traditional Methods Obsolete

Scalpels have been used in dentistry for many years, but thanks to advancements in dental technology, many treatments can now be provided with laser equipment. That not only reduces the need for sharp instruments, it also makes procedures shorter and more precise, and minimizes side effects such as bleeding, swelling, pain, and sensitivity. In short, it can deliver many benefits traditional surgical instruments and techniques can’t touch. Here at Veneman Dental Care, we use BIOLASE laser dentistry in St. Croix Falls and Woodville, WI to provide outstanding results for a variety of periodontal procedures. This is yet another example of what makes treatment from us truly exceptional!

waterlase laser equipment

The Advantages of Laser Dentistry

  • Less-invasive treatment
  • No scalpels or sutures
  • More precise procedures
  • Reduced bleeding, pain, sensitivity, and swelling
  • Quicker recovery
  • Shorter overall procedure time
  • Ideal for patients with dental anxiety

Select Laser Dentistry Services

During laser gum disease treatment, we clear bacteria and signs of infection from beneath your gums and plaque or tartar (hardened plaque) buildup from your tooth roots. When necessary, we can remove diseased tissue altogether. The laser not only performs the function of a scalpel, it also sanitizes and seals the treatment area afterward.

Frenula are the slender pieces of tissue that connect your tongue to the bottom of your mouth and your upper lip to your upper gums. When these tissues are too restrictive, they can cause difficulties with speech and eating. We offer patients aged 7 years and up more natural movement of their lips and tongue by removing these tissues.

If you have diseased gum tissue that may indicate a potentially serious health problem, we can remove the tissue via laser and perform a biopsy and identify the cause of the disease.

Diseased gum tissue can spread infection to previously healthy areas of your mouth. By performing a gingivectomy—the removal of a small section of your gums—with a laser we can help you avoid that complication. Gingivectomies also help rebalance an unwanted “gummy smile.”

While dental implants are made to last, in some cases the tissue around the base of the implant can become swollen and infected. Deep pockets may also form around it. Ultimately the implant can loosen, causing misalignment, before falling out altogether. Laser technology destroys infection in the surrounding area and sanitizes it with precision, leaving adjacent healthy tissue untouched.

With laser technology no needles or drills are needed to fill a cavity in easily accessed areas of your teeth. Instead, we use a unique combination of light, water, and air to provide precise cavity treatment without the heat, vibration, and pressure of a drill. This conservative approach also limits the amount of healthy tooth that needs to be removed before receiving a filling.

When performing a root canal, we can use a laser to eliminate the infected pulp inside your teeth, further disinfecting the canals before filling them with special dental materials.

dental patient undergoing laser procedure

Don’t Settle for Less Than Laser

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