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Straighter Teeth the Subtle Way

Invisalign® Will Make You a Believer

Having straight teeth no longer means settling for traditional metal braces. There’s no arguing with the positive results that those braces produce. However, the treatment itself has its share of downsides. The most obvious one is literally the most obvious one—the way that metal braces overshadow your smile and capture attention for the wrong reasons. They can also make it difficult for you to speak clearly. These drawbacks can cause you ongoing embarrassment. (It’s important to note that many adults, not just teens, wear metal braces nowadays.) What’s more, routine maintenance of standard braces requires additional work. Cosmetic dentistry offers us an alternative to traditional metal braces that produces the same great results without the visible (and audible) metal wires and brackets. Made with clear plastic aligners instead of metal, Invisalign is becoming the most requested tooth straightening method at Veneman Dental Care. Come in for a consultation and see why Invisalign in St. Croix Falls and Woodville, WI might be right for you.

When Plastic Is Stronger Than Metal

Invisalign is superior to metal braces in that it can make you feel better both during and after treatment. During, because only you know that you’re getting treatment. After, because everyone will see the results. Invisalign offers these advantages through transparent plastic aligners instead of metal wires and brackets. When it comes to straighter teeth, Invisalign shows plastic is stronger than metal! We’ll customize your aligners in our office, making them fit comfortably, hold firmly, and perform seamlessly. To use them, you’ll simply slip the aligners over your existing teeth and go. During the course of your treatment, you’ll wear a series of these aligners for up to 22 hours every day, removing them only for eating, brushing, and flossing. (Remember, traditional braces require you to follow a special maintenance regimen.) Your aligners will gradually shift your teeth into uniformly straight positions, giving you the perfectly aligned smile you’ve always wanted. 

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  • How Invisalign® Treatment Works
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“Invisalign widened my beautiful smile “

Brenda - Invisalign Patient

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A Straight, Spectacular Smile?

Don’t settle for inferior traditional methods!