Bone Grafting

Losing Your Jawbone?

Bone Grafting Rebuilds the Foundation of Your Smile

If you have missing teeth or gum disease, social events may become uncomfortable, eating difficult, and speaking with others embarrassing. And that may just be the beginning. The underlying areas of your jaw may begin to deteriorate. This is a complicated problem because it can lead to further tooth loss and make it difficult to place dental implants to replace your missing teeth. Your face may even take on a prematurely aged, sunken appearance as a result. At Veneman Dental Care, we have an effective solution to reverse jawbone loss and stabilize the area. With a procedure called bone grafting in St. Croix Falls and Woodville, WI we take a small amount of bone material and place it in the area of your jaw where you’ve suffered bone loss. This bone graft will slowly begin to grow and fuse with your jawbone, eventually replacing the missing structure. After bone grafting your jaw should be strong enough to support the dental implants that will restore not only your smile but your quality of life.

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Our Bone Grafting Procedures

As skilled dentists, we provide comprehensive dental services among our three locations, including multiple bone grafting services as well as complete dental implant care. We offer not only a more convenient dental experience, but the greater peace of mind of having decades of dental experience at your service. When your jawbone deteriorates near your upper molars you may suffer all of the same problems of lower jawbone loss plus an extra one. As your jawbone thins, it creates space beneath your sinus cavity. Eventually, the sinus cavity will expand into this new area. With a procedure called a sinus lift, we carefully lift the floor of your sinus cavity and insert bone graft material underneath. This will ultimately become a strong foundation for your sinus and reinforce bone volume for proper function. Bone grafting treatment may also include ridge augmentation, where we reshape your jawbone to restore its natural appearance, structure, and esthetics after a tooth is extracted or lost. In addition, we may provide guided tissue regeneration, during which we use a biocompatible mesh to catalyze the growth of new tissue and accelerate healing after bone grafting. Our advanced techniques and technologies will restore your complete health and help you qualify for life-changing dental implants!

A Restored Jawbone Is the First Step to a Restored Smile!

Don’t live with bone deterioration any longer.