Full Mouth Dental Implants

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Do you try to hide your smile instead of showing it proudly? Is your self-esteem suffering as a result of bad teeth? Is a diet made up primarily of soft foods satisfying enough for you? Whether you have very few healthy teeth remaining, or none at all, you’re probably tired of the compromises you have to make every day due to the condition of your mouth. At Veneman Dental Care we can help end your pain and embarrassment with full mouth solutions customized to fit your mouth, your personal smile goals, and your budget! We can create a treatment plan specifically for you that will meet all those criteria and exceed your expectations! Let us show you how we can transform your life by restoring the health, function, and beauty of a complete smile with full mouth dental implants in St. Croix Falls and Woodville, WI.

One Problem with Multiple Solutions

If you want all of your teeth replaced, you have several options. One of them is removable dentures, a time-tested solution. If you find this option not close enough to real teeth, as some of our patients do, you may want to go with implant supported dentures. These won’t slip out of place while you’re eating or speaking the way traditional dentures can. Anchored to your jaw by dental implants, implant supported dentures can improve the function and health of your mouth, though at some point may need to be replaced or adjusted. The only permanent full mouth solution for extensive tooth loss and decay is full mouth dental implants. These fully restore your smile and dental health for the long term and function and look just like natural teeth. If you need a full arch or mouth of new teeth, full mouth dental implants get our highest recommendation.

Full Mouth Dental Implant Treatment Tailored for You

dr derrick veneman discussing dental implant procedure

Step 1: Consultation

A consultation allows us to gather all the medical and dental health information we need from you as well as discuss your vision for your ideal smile. During the consultation we’ll capture a cone beam CT scan of your mouth, which gives us highly detailed 3D images. Using these and advanced technology from nSequence and Anatomage we can effectively preplan your implant placement procedure, doing a “practice run” to see the results before we place any implants. This advance planning includes the development of a custom surgical guide that will make the procedure quicker and more precise, producing a comfortable fit and outstanding esthetics. Technology combined with expertise will help us deliver that ideal smile. Our team is empowered by training in prosthodontics and surgery—both critical in dental implant cases—from the acclaimed Misch International Implant Institute. What’s more, our founder is a Fellow of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists, an indication of extensive ongoing education in the field.

Step 2: Preparation and Surgery

We’re fortunate to have a practitioner certified for IV sedation on staff—an advantage not offered at every dental practice. Under IV sedation you will have no pain and no memory of the procedure afterward. Once you’re comfortable, we can begin the actual placement. Your treatment plan will be completely tailored to you and may include some procedures that must be completed before you can have dental implants, such as tooth extractions and bone grafting. After these are completed, we’ll place your customized surgical guide over your gums before inserting four or more implants per arch into your jawbone. We use only top-quality implants from renowned manufacturers including BioHorizons®. The entire procedure generally takes only a few hours to complete and you’ll be able to return home the same day. If you qualify for our TeethXpress® “immediate load” protocol, which is very common, we’ll provide you with a complete, functional set of new teeth during the same visit!

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Step 3: Recovery and Restoration

Healing after implant placement generally takes three or more months. During that time, your dental implants will permanently fuse with your jawbone, making it a strong, stable foundation for your final restorations. Once you’ve fully recovered, we’ll have you come back to our office to finalize the fit of your new, long-lasting, and customized teeth and make sure that you’re happy with the results. As the final step to a completely restored smile and a higher quality of life, we’ll permanently attach the new teeth to your dental implants!

A Priceless Smile Is Affordable

The benefits of full mouth dental implants—a complete, healthy smile, greater confidence, natural-sounding speech, and the ability to enjoy all your favorite foods—are practically priceless. Implants are made to stay with you for a lifetime, never decay, and never become discolored. The cost of a single full arch fixed bridge, including implants and extractions, generally starts at $15,000. If you prefer implant supported dentures, two implants and locators start around $8,000. Whichever solution you choose, we can offer staged treatments so you’ll only pay for the portion of treatment you’ve had completed, not all of it at once. We’ve also partnered with Proceed Finance so you can take advantage of no-collateral loans up to $60,000 with flexible terms up to 96 months at reasonable, fixed rates. Other financing options are available, and we’ll work with you to use your existing insurance benefits to your advantage. Let’s get started by discussing the specifics of your dental implant treatment with a free consultation!

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