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Multiple Dental Implants

No More Decayed or Missing Teeth

Multiple Teeth Restored with One Solution

One missing or decayed tooth is bad enough but having multiple unhealthy or lost teeth creates even more functional and health issues. Meals can become painful and your speech can become obstructed. With the unsightly appearance of your smile your self-esteem can take a big hit as a result. Fortunately, we have ways to get rid of those bad teeth and permanently replace them with dental implants in St. Croix Falls and Woodville, WI—sometimes in the same appointment. While dental bridges and partial dentures help restore some function, they each have their drawbacks. Instead of using existing and natural teeth as support, dental implants are placed directly into the jawbone for long-term stability. Dental implants are made to look and perform just like real teeth, right down to the pearly white appearance. Dental implants are the best overall tooth replacement method today—and the one we recommend to most patients—because they’re stable, natural-looking, and made to last.

Come to Veneman Dental Care for your dental implants and you’ll also get the benefits of a team with prosthodontic and surgical training from the celebrated Misch International Implant Institute as well as the modern technology that guarantees precise placement. We can make your smile and your life whole again with dental implants.

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Dental Implant Placement

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Phase 1: Determining Your Eligibility

Most patients with a few missing or decayed teeth are candidates for dental implants or can become a candidate after some related procedures. Your individual smile goals, your dental health, your tolerance for dental surgery, and other factors play a role in your readiness. When you come for your consultation, we’ll get to know each of those and use that information as the basis for a personalized treatment plan that works for you financially. That visit includes high-definition 3D imaging of your mouth executed with our low-radiation cone beam CT technology. The images enable us to do a virtual run-through of your procedure in advance for precise, predictable results. This includes collaborating with one of the top guided implant surgery companies in the industry to create a customized surgical guide, essentially a template that makes the placement go more quickly while providing the optimal outcome.

Phase 2: Placement

Making you feel comfortable is a Veneman Dental Care hallmark that starts the moment you enter the relaxed, friendly environment of our office and continues throughout your treatment here. Although most patients only experience minimal discomfort, dental implant placement is a surgical procedure and requires some level of sedation. With a practitioner on staff certified in IV sedation, we can perform your placement in a pain-free procedure you won’t even remember. Not all practices offer this type of sedation. After you’re sedated, we’ll either begin placement or, if needed, do any prerequisite procedures such as bone grafting and tooth extractions to make your mouth ready for implants. Moving on to placement, we put your customized surgical guide over the treatment area and then surgically insert durable, biocompatible posts into your jaw bone. Essentially artificial tooth roots, these will act as the foundation for your new teeth. We use implants manufactured by top brands known for quality, so you can be sure that what’s replacing your teeth will perform exceptionally and last for many years to come. As the last step, we top off the post with a temporary crown that will allow you to begin eating, speaking, and smiling again without worry almost immediately. You’ll leave our office with a complete and functional smile!

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Phase 3: Final Restoration

In the days after your procedure, you may have some minor discomfort, but this won’t last long. Healing of the implant sites takes a few months. During that time your implants will gradually fuse with your jaw, eventually becoming permanent. After you’ve completely healed, you’ll return to our office for placement of your final restorations. Our team has the training to both place and restore implants, while many practices require you to go to a separate practitioner for restoration. Your restorations will be customized to fit you and blend perfectly with the shade of the surrounding teeth for a seamless smile. We’ll make any necessary minor adjustments before sending you off to enjoy a more confident, comfortable life where eating, speaking, and smiling come just as effortlessly to you as they should.

An Affordable New Smile

As the only permanent tooth replacement option, dental implants are the most reliable way to turn multiple diseased or lost teeth into a beautiful, whole smile again. They do cost more than other teeth replacement options but are the only kind that delivers such incredible value. Made to last, they provide reliable performance, are indistinguishable from real teeth, and are impervious to decay and discoloration. To make all this affordable for you, we’ve partnered with several high-profile financing companies to enable you to break the total cost up into smaller, more manageable payments. You’ve got everything to gain and nothing to lose by requesting a FREE dental implant consultation today!

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Don’t Tolerate An Incomplete Smile Any Longer

Let us show you the benefits of life with dental implants!