How Can your Family Dentist Help with Sleep Apnea?

How Can your Family Dentist Help with Sleep Apnea?

Your family dentist is like a part of your family. Regularly visiting the dentist is often feared but if there’s a family dentist it becomes easier. If you suffer from various oral health problems, it becomes a necessity to visit a dentist near you.

You may never understand the problem of sleep apnea unless you know what it is. Sleep apnea is a chronic condition of disturbed breathing at different times throughout your sleep. Sleep apnea is of two types- obstructive sleep apnea and central sleep apnea.

  • Obstructive sleep apnea is the most common form of sleep apnea. During the interrupted breathing, the airway’s soft tissues collapse. This prevents oxygen to pass through the airway and reach the lungs.
  • During central sleep apnea, the brain stops sending messages to the body to breathe. There is no physical disruption to the airway, although the body reacts as if the interruption occurs.

If your problem with sleep apnea is not addressed at the right time, you may wake up tired and exhausted. Also, if left untreated sleep apnea can have negative impacts on your mental and physical health.

You may consult your general physician for Sleep Apnea Treatment without realizing that your family dentist is all you need.

Impact of Sleep Apnea on your Health

Sleep apnea can make way for many other chronic health conditions which affect you mentally and physically. Adults suffering from sleep apnea are more likely to have high blood pressure and high risk of heart disease. It can also cause mood disorders like depression, mania, dysthymia, and bipolar disorder.

The chronic fatigue that you go through due to sleep apnea increases your risk of injuries. The impact of sleep apnea on your overall health can be fatal.

The Role of your Family Dentist in treating Sleep Apnea

At Veneman Dental Care, our family dentists are highly-qualified to treat the problem of sleep apnea. After being diagnosed for sleep apnea, you can get a dental appointment and know your treatment options. Your family dentist may recommend wearing oral appliances. The devices can help with symptoms of people with normal weight with mild to moderate sleep apnea.

The dental sleep devices termed as Mandibular Advancement Devices, are the most commonly used oral appliances. These devices look like mouth guards and push the lower jaw forward. As a result, the muscles do not fall down during sleep apnea. The oral appliances make the airway stronger and rigid thus preventing apneas.

Our dentists assess your teeth, mouth, and temporomandibular joints to determine whether they are suitable or not. They would then create the model of your teeth to craft oral appliances that fit in your mouth perfectly. The proper fitting of the device in your mouth is important otherwise it can cause jaw damage. You need to wear devices to eliminate sleep apnea symptoms.

Although less common, tongue-retaining devices suit most of the patients. If you use this device, it would keep your tongue in a forward position. Because your tongue touches the lower jaw, it keeps your airway open while you are asleep.

The Veneman dental family dentists work on oral appliances closely for improving your symptoms. With regular monitoring and care given by our best dentists, you can cope with sleep apnea.

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Best Practices for Dealing with Fear of the Dentist

Best Practices for Dealing with Fear of the Dentist

Do you fear to visit a dentist? If yes, you are not the only one who fears a dentist. It has been found that almost fifty percent of the people fear dentists. Some people have such a strong fear that they are unable to get the dental care they need.

If you avoid regular dental cleanings, you may develop serious dental issues leading to pain or tooth loss. The good news is you have many options to deal with your fear of the dentist.

At Veneman Dental, you will get the best dentists near you to give high-quality dental care.


The Reasons you are Scared of the Dentist

The fear of the dentist often leads to anxiety in a person. The reasons may vary individually but can be categorized into the following-

  1. Past Experiences: You may have had a bitter experience in the past during your dental treatment. As a result, you develop anxiety and fear which is difficult to let go easily. It happens when your past dental treatment had some complications or extremely painful. One bad experience develops a fear which you go through whenever you have to visit the dentist.
  2. Pain: Pain is another common cause of developing the fear of going to a dentist. You might be scared of going under the knife at the dental clinic when you see those sharp tools.
  3. Embarrassment: Not maintaining a good oral health routine causes your tooth and gums to look bad. It is this embarrassment of not having good teeth that make you avoid dental sittings. If you do not get your teeth checked regularly, they might develop cavities and other problems.
  4. Lack of Control: Lack of control is nothing but the restlessness that you feel when reclined at the dentist’s chair. You may develop dental anxiety with the very thought of a dentist examining your mouth.

Cope with your Fear of the Dentist Easily

There different ways to cope with your fear of the dentist. At Veneman Dental, you get the best practices to deal with your fear. The best way to deal with your fear of the dentist is to face it and talk about it. Talk to your family dentist openly about your dental phobia. They understand your fears and will work out to reduce it as much as possible.

Here are a few ways your dentist may suggest to try-

  • Opt for Sedation Dentistry: You can choose sedation dentistry to avoid the fear of dental procedure. Many dentists administer sedatives in their clinic to help you relax during the procedure. Sedatives can be given in the form of local anesthetic, oral or intravenous sedation, and laughing gas. You can talk to your family dentist about the most suitable option for you.
  • Distraction: Distractions are a good way to avoid the fear and anxiety during your dental visit. At most dental clinics, you will find television sets to distract the patients while they have to wait for their turn. You can bring your own music player with headphones to listen to some music to calm yourself down. You can also use stress balls to reduce anxiety.
  • Use Self-regulation Techniques: There are various self-regulation techniques like deep breathing or meditation to help you cope with dental phobia. While at the clinic, you can practice the deep breathing technique to release tension. Meditation can be done before and after your dental appointment. Meditation helps to slow down your heartbeats.
  • Look for Therapeutic Support: To cope with your dental phobia, you can look for therapeutic support. You can have several counseling sessions with psychologists specializing in treating phobias.

Having dental phobia should never stop you from getting the right oral care needed. You can try the above practices to deal with your dental anxiety and fear.

To get the best dental care and treatment, contact our team of the best dentists.

A Dentist’s Efforts to Calm You Down

Fearing a dentist is commonly witnessed among kids and adults. Your fear of sitting in a dentist’s chair can be mild or severe. You may stress out on every visit to your family dentist, thereby missing out on many appointments. To be more comfortable in the dental clinic, you should choose a family dentist. Your family dentist can be anyone who is more friendly and experienced than a dentist near you. Veneman Dental Care has the best team of family dentists to look after your dental needs.

The healthcare professionals looking after your dental health are concerned about your worries. The best dentists develop ways to help reduce your stress during your regular dental appointment.

There are ways the dentists try to ease the whole process of dental care and treatment for the visitor.

The Dentists encourage Use of Colored Glasses

When you sit at the dentist’s chair, you have to face bright lights. The dentists have to use bright lamps to focus on the dark portions in your mouth. Unwillingly though, you have to look straight into the lights which stresses your eyes. Therefore, the dentists many times ask the patient to put on colored glasses during this time. It blocks the glaring light from directly falling into your eyes. The dentist uses various tools to treat your teeth which may fall from his hands. The glasses also protect you from objects that can harm your eyeballs.

The Dentists use Televisions in the Clinic

A stressful visitor at the dental clinic needs some distraction during his wait time. Televisions are the best means to escape from a tensed and stressful situation. A fearful patient can forget about his worries and fear while watching television. The worst thing for you is to sit in the waiting room for your meeting with the dentist. The dentists understand your situation and therefore use televisions to make you feel more relaxed. A quality chat show on the television is a great way to calm your nerves down.

Calming Music at the Dentist’s Clinic

What better than a calming music to feel relaxed during your dental appointment? Listening to soothing music can have numerous health benefits you may not know. The best dentists appreciate the use of music therapy and play music to reduce stress. Research has shown lowering of blood pressure and reduction in heartbeats as an effect of music. The dentists witness high blood pressures and increased heartbeats in the patients during dental treatments. That’s why the dental clinic often plays soft and soothing music to create a peaceful environment.

Open Communication with the Dentist

During your dental appointment, a dentist always tries to strike a conversation with you. That is a great way to talk your fear out. The dentist will talk to you about any light-hearted topic while treating your dental problem. If you develop kinship with your family dentist, your fear of the dentist will vanish away.

Visiting a dentist can be very stressful, but our friendly dentists work diligently to lessen your stress. These are just a few of the many ways our dentists make your dental visit easy.

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Good Dental Care Tips from a Dentist

Good Dental Care Tips from a DentistGood Dental Care Tips from a Dentist

Your day-to-day hectic schedule and responsibilities may not permit you to visit a dentist near you. Ensuring a good Dental care is extremely difficult when you have a busy lifestyle. But there are several habits that can be easily followed by you to keep your mouth healthy.

No matter whether you are at home or workplace, you can follow the tips given by your family dentist. Veneman Dental Care can provide you with best dental care to maintain your Dental Health without compromising on your job.

Add lots of Water to your Dental Care Routine

Not many of us understand the importance of drinking water. Drinking a lot of water is good for our overall health and also positively affects our Dental Health. Water intake can work wonders on your Dental Health as it is non-acidic and has no calories. As far as your Dental Care is concerned, drinking will prevent the risk of tooth decay, enamel erosion or gum disease. Drinking water as you wake up will keep you hydrated and strengthen tooth erosion. Water is available in abundance at companies so you can consume it as much as you want.

Stopping Unhealthy Snacking at the workplace affect your Dental Health

If you want your teeth to stay healthy, you must break the habit of unhealthy snacking at the workplace. Eating and drinking every now and then at the workplace is common but can severely affect your Dental Health. Every time you eat something sweet, your teeth are prone to be attacked by cavities. It can last for up to an hour until your teeth return to their normal state. Stopping unhealthy eating is probably the best way to avoid damage to your teeth.   

Chewing Sugar-free Gums ensures Good Dental Health

Chewing sugar-free gums is the best alternative to unhealthy snacking. To ensure good Dental Health at the workplace, chewing a sugar-free gum is the best thing to do. You cannot use fluoride toothpaste after every snack at your office. Sugar-free gums give protection to your gums and teeth in between meals. If you chew a gum for about 20 minutes, your teeth can return to its normal state quickly. Chewing a sugar-free gum helps the mouth produce more saliva which is a natural defense against acids.

How Quitting Smoking affects Dental Health

Smoking is injurious to your overall health and is a major cause of deaths in the world. Smoking cigarettes can have a serious toll on your teeth, gums, and Dental Health as a whole. It can lead to tooth staining, gum disease, and even mouth cancer in the worst case. To maintain good Dental Health, you should quit smoking at the earliest.

Visit your family dentist for Dental Health Care

Paying a visit to your family dentist is one of the most important things to do. Maintaining good Dental Health and avoiding dental problems involve visiting your family dentist regularly. Poor oral hygiene can further lead to serious medical conditions such as diabetes, strokes, and heart problems. Hence, you should never miss your scheduled appointment with the dentist.

At Veneman Dental Care, giving you the best Dental Health care is our top priority. We understand the consequences of not looking after your teeth and gums. So, we make sure to provide the best dentistry services near you.

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Visiting a Dentist to get Dental Bridges

A dentist can help you restore your smile if you have lost due to a missing tooth. You might consider it as a cosmetic problem but it is much more than that. A missing tooth can create a gap that can cause pain and discomfort in your jaw.

The best solution to this problem is having dental bridges placed in your mouth. To get dental bridges implanted without going through any further pain, visit the Veneman Dental Care Clinic. If you don’t have a family dentist, you can generate a list of local dentists from Google and find us at the top.

Dental Bridges and how will a Dentist help

Dental Bridge is a replacement solution for a missing tooth of yours. It covers the gap that causes your other teeth to become loose. A dental bridge fills the space of the missing tooth and creates a more natural appearance.

Since there are different types of dental bridges, our dentists will identify the best option for you. Following are the four main types of dental bridges-

  • Traditional Bridge: It is the most common type of bridge that includes one or more artificial teeth placed with crowns. The crowns are fixed to the teeth adjacent to the missing tooth.
  • Cantilever Bridge: A Cantilever bridge gets support by a crown on one side alone. If you have just one tooth along the side of a missing tooth, you can go for this option.
  • Maryland Bridge: These bridges use porcelain or metal framework to hold the artificial tooth in its place. This type of dental bridge is not recommended more often as they are not strong enough.
  • Implant-supported Bridge: If you have more than one tooth missing, this can be the option for you. These bridges are fixed with the help of implants that provide maximum stability to your jawbone.

It is best to know and understand the placement procedure of dental bridges from the dentist. Getting the procedure done by your family dentist is a good decision as you are more comfortable.

Your dentist will numb the area in the mouth with either a sedative or anesthesia so that you don’t feel the pain. You won’t feel sharp pains during the placement procedure but will have to keep your mouth open for several hours. This may cause discomfort and soreness in your jaws. Your dentist will provide you with pain relievers to resolve the issue.

The recovery is very quick after you have undergone the dental bridge treatment. You can eat normally just after your dental bridge has been implanted in your mouth. However, if you feel any kind of pain, our dentists will fix the issue by performing an adjustment.

The benefits of Dental Bridges are manifold. The procedure eliminates the gaps created due to missing teeth and gives uniformity to your smile. A missing tooth can have an impact on your speech as well. Getting Dental Bridges will enable you to overcome problems in your speech and speak normally. A Dental Bridge is an excellent solution for your missing tooth as well as for cosmetic means.

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How can a Dentist help in Cosmetic Dentistry

A family dentist ensures tCosmetic Dentistryaking care of all your dental health needs. The field of dentistry has evolved over time through all kinds of procedures and treatments adding to the domain. One such practice is Cosmetic Dentistry that aims at improving the appearance of your smile.

The procedures of cosmetic dentistry are optional and not always covered by dental insurance. The treatments involved in cosmetic dentistry are costly but the results are life-changing.

A smile is one of the most important expressions of your face so why not take care of it. A flawless smile boosts your confidence and thus enhancing your life. Spending a few dollars to make your smile better and healthier is no harm.

Our experienced dentists offer cosmetic dentistry and can take years of age off your teeth. It is best to first book an appointment with your family dentist to know about cosmetic dentistry. Our dentists will brief you about the different cosmetic dentistry options available.

There are different procedures categorized under cosmetic dentistry but many of them are also restorative. If you are unable to visit your family dentist you can know about the different cosmetic dentistry procedure online. The procedures will include dental implants, dental crowns, teeth whitening, orthodontics, enamel shaping, and gum contouring etc.

What Steps will a Dentist Follow

With the advancement in technology, a dentist can now accomplish the complex task in less time than ever. The length of different procedures is distinct and so is the time taken to complete it.

A few basic steps you can expect from your dentist during cosmetic dentistry procedures are-

  • Appointment: First, you need to take a free appointment with your family dentist or a dentist near you specializing in cosmetic dentistry. The dentist will carefully assess your needs and suggest you with possible options.
  • Treatment Plan: When you decide to go ahead with cosmetic dentistry, your chosen dentist will make a treatment plan. The plan will include the steps to be followed during the treatment and mode of payment. We offer many financing options to provide affordable dental care.
  • Start Treatment: For treatment involving several procedures, you will need multiple sittings. The first visit will usually involve the measurements and preparation for the treatment. Your dentist will treat the specific area and surrounding areas in the mouth, to begin with.
  • Fabrication Time: Many cosmetic treatments will involve custom artificial materials such as Invisalign, veneers etc. Such materials require fabrication to precise specifications and get ready to use. You will then have to visit back for your treatment to be completed.
  • Finish Treatment: Finally, after your mouth has healed from the previous treatment steps, your dentist will complete the treatment. You will now be ready to look at your new smile and teeth that were worked upon.
  • Follow Up: Following up with your dentist is important to ensure the effectiveness of the treatment. You must strictly follow your dentist’s instructions to prevent any complications.

A bright new smile can make a big difference in your life. Contact us to explore the best dentistry options we have for you.

Visiting a Dentist for Stress-related Oral Health Problems

Visiting a dentist for a good oral health is a common practice. It would make you wonder how can stress affect oral health. family-dentist-Veneman-Dental-Care

The highly digitized and complex world of today, Stress is a common problem witnessed around. Stress negatively impacts your health and sometimes it can take a toll on your dental health too. Stress can give birth to various oral health problems such as gum diseases, teeth grinding, dry mouth etc.

Due to high levels of stress, you might take less care of your overall health including usual dental care. If you are unable to focus on your oral health, you must take out time for visiting us- your family dentist.

What happens if you do not visit your Dentist

You must never miss out on your appointments with the dentist for regular oral check-ups and cleaning. Stress can eventually cause severe oral health problems ultimately leading to dental implants.

Research has found out the ill effects of stress on one’s oral health. There is a strong and direct link between stress and oral health. So, you must never take for granted your appointment with the dentist.

If you fail to visit your family dentist, stress can lead you to the following dental problems-

  • Mouth Sores: Excessive emotional stress causes Mouth Sores. Mouth sores include canker sores which are the white spots inside the mouth which are harmless yet painful. Visit your dentist at the earliest for the treatment otherwise, it can get magnified.
  • Teeth Grinding: Teeth grinding is another stress-related dental problem which can damage your teeth and enamel. Due to a stressful day, when a person sleeps he is unaware about teeth grinding occurring. You can ask your family dentist for a night guard to protect your teeth from damage.
  • Teeth Clenching: Stress can cause a constant clenching of the teeth without you even recognizing it. If you continue clenching your teeth frequently, the enamel and teeth both can get affected.
  • Poor Oral Hygiene: When stressed, people tend to ignore personal health which includes oral health as well. The poor oral hygiene can cause tooth decay, gum diseases, and ulcers in your mouth. Seek your dentist’s help to minimize these dental problems before they get bigger.
  • Gum Disease: Stress slows down the immune system functioning thus increasing the risk of various infections including gum disease. If you have an already existing dental problem, it gets worsened when the immunity is low. If you have a gum disease, never leave it uncared for and visit a dentist near you at the earliest.
  • Dry Mouth: The dry mouth is one of the consequences of stress. Stress causes lack of saliva which is very crucial to maintain the PH balance in the mouth. Saliva has many oral health benefits, lack of which causes dryness of mouth.

Final Thoughts on visiting a Dentist

In order to cope with stress, you can find different relaxing techniques and practice them. For keeping up with oral hygiene and good dental health, you should pay regular visits to the dentist near you.

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Why is Dental Implant the Ultimate Solution?

Dental Implants have taken dentistry to a whole new level. The dental implants are artificial tooth roots placed in your jawbone. The dental implants are screw-shaped that blend into your natural bone to hold artificial teeth called crowns.

Dental Implants are made up of Titanium which is a light-weighted metal but extremely durable to ensure comfort. The use of dental implants has been successful in providing the strongest support to replacement teeth.   

The dental implant, when performed by an experienced dentist, is the safest procedure in the field of dentistry.  If you have lost your smile due to a missing tooth, your dental implant dentist can bring it back.

Why Dental Implants is an ultimate solution?

Reasons to go for a Dental Implant

The change that a Dental Implant can bring to your overall personality is incredible. The following reasons will encourage you to take a step further and visit your family dentist-

  • The Natural Feel: The dental implants retain the feel of your natural teeth. Dental implants are the perfect solution for the loss of teeth as they fit and function like real teeth. They give you more a natural feel as they get invisible once blended with your jawbone.
  • Confidence Build-up: A missing tooth can break the back of your confidence and self-esteem. The dental implant is the best way to build up your confidence once again. The dental implants support your facial skeleton along with giving you a good tooth structure.
  • Comfortable: A missing tooth can cause a lot of discomfort to you. The dental implant gives constant support to the permanent bridges. You would never feel the artificiality of the dental implant and feel most comfortable.
  • Ease of Communication: When you have a missing tooth, you find it difficult to interact with the surrounding people. The dental implants are advantageous in easing your communication experience.
  • Eat Freely: The best part about dental implant is its flexibility. Flexibility here refers to the ease, a dental implant offers you. You can eat, bite, and chew your favorite food with your artificial tooth.
  • Convenient: The dental implants are attached to your jawbone without any severe consequence on your naturally existing teeth. You can conveniently make use of your artificial tooth after dental implant treatment.
  • Protection to the Bone: The jawbone can get deteriorated if a dental implant is not done at the earliest. Dental implants offer the stimulation required for natural bone growth.
  • Safe and Stable Solution: The gap left untreated after your tooth goes missing, can cause displacement of the adjacent teeth. The dental implants provide safety and stability to both the artificial tooth and the naturally existing adjacent teeth.
  • Affordable: The dental implants are affordable in the long run as they last as long as the natural teeth. If you are looking for a reliable and permanent solution for your missing tooth, visit a dental implant dentist.

Thus, it is clear that why dental implant is the ultimate solution for missing teeth. To get a clearer picture of the whole procedure of Dental Implant, fix an appointment with your family dentist today.

A Brief Guide to Dental Implants

There comes a time in an individual’s life when the only options they have are dental implants. As confusing and scary as they may sound, dental implants are a –modern- technique of replacing or adding a tooth (sometimes teeth) into your mouth so you can stay confident andDental Implants Guide - Maplewood & St. Croix,MN at Veneman Dental Care smiling always.

For many people, losing a tooth could lower their self esteem and confidence, which is why dental implants are the best. They not only fill in the large gaps in your mouth, but they also give the illusion of real teeth. Moreover, as time has evolved, dental implants have started to look more and more real.

If you feel that you need a dental implant, search for “dentists near me,” as this will help you determine.

What Are Dental Implants

Dental implants are frames or metal posts that are placed beneath the gums, in the jawbone with the help of surgery. When these frames or ‘meta posts’ are in place, the dentist will be able to position teeth successfully on top of it.

How Do Dental Implants Function

Since dental implants are meant to fuse into the jawbone, it gives sturdy support to artificial teeth. Although, bridges are dentures tend to slip, if they get fixated onto the dental implants, they will stay in place. This is extremely beneficial when an individual is eating or talking. This allows the bridges and dentures procedure seem more natural.

There are some people that can not have bridges or dentures placed in their mouth because of gagging, poor ridges, and sore spots. In this case, ordinary bridges need to be fixated on both sides of the teeth where the missing gap is. As time goes on, this begins to affect the health of teeth. In this case, getting dental implants is an advantage because they do not depend on adjacent teeth.

Only the people that have strong bones and healthy gums can get dental implants so that there is good amount of support. Moreover, those that get these implants must take care of this procedure. Individuals need to make regular visits to the dentist and stay up to date with oral hygiene.

Here are the two different implants that the American Dental Association considers “safe”:

  1. Endosteal implants- With the help of surgery, these implants are implanted on the jawbone. When the “surrounding gum tissue” has recovered, another surgery has to take place so the new post can get connected to the original one. Then, a tooth is placed on it.
  2. Subperiosteal implants- This is when there is a frame or metal post placed on the jawbone under the gum tissue. When the gum starts to heal, the frame gets merged into the jawbone. After this process, the artificial teeth are mounted.


For those that want to get dental implants can do a quick “dentists near me” search or click here for further information.

4 Tips to Keep in Mind When Choosing A Family Dentist

Uh oh, are you experiencing aches in your gums or a cavity in your teeth? Well, then you know who the best person to consult would be!Family Dentist - 4 Tips For Choosing at Veneman Dental Care MN & WI Right, it would be your family dentist.

A dentist is someone who keeps you in touch with your oral health, advises you on how you can maximize your oral health, and fixes anything that may end causing damage to your oral health.

However, since going to the dentist is not a “once in a lifetime” thing, it is recommended to choose a family dentist.

Having a family dentist will make everything much easier for you. The reason for this is that your family dentist will have all your records, he or she will know you oral health issues, and you will feel more comfortable going to this specific dentist.

Since you would be making a big decision –the decision of choosing a family dentist- it is important to keep the following tips in mind. When you do so, you will not only choose a suitable dentist for yourself, but one that will be beneficial for your entire family.

#1 – Did You Seek For Referrals

The first thing to keep in mind is that a great family dentist (or dentist) has great referrals. Therefore, if you want to know the status of a particular dentist or his or her office, then you need to ask for referrals. You can ask any friends or co-workers that are going to the same dentist. In addition, pay attention to the amount of experience they must have in this specific field.

#2- What Dental Services Are Being Offered

Dentists provide clients with many dental services, which is why you should be looking out for any “special services” that you may need. Once you have a potential dentist, then you can talk to them about additional dental services to see if you can get something other than the basics (regular checkups, dental fillings, teeth cleaning, etc).

#3 – Will They Be Taking Dental Assurance

When you choose a family dentist, you want to make sure they are going to consider your insurance. For some families, this could make-or-break because budget restrictions are important for many families. Moreover, finding a suitable family dentist that works with your insurance will make your visits seem even better.

#4 – Are They Experienced In Dentistry for Kids

There is a possibility that your little ones are scared of the dental office, which is why you need to look for a family dentist that has also specialized in dentistry for kids. Although, the dentist may have experience dentistry for kids, the office can be off-putting. Therefore, choose a family dentist your kids will be eager to visit.


We know it is difficult to find a suitable family dentist, but keep the above-mentioned tips in mind and you are good to go! Also, click here so you can get directed to an excellent dentist office that could –potentially- be your next family dentist!