Root Canal Therapy

Dentist For Root Canal Therapy in MN &WI | Veneman Dental CareIf you have a tooth that is severely damaged or badly infected, your dentist may use root canal therapy to completely remove the infected tooth interior. This therapy takes its name from the fact that the infection of the rootcanal of the tooth is cleaned out and is then filled in. An attractive crown will then be put in place to imitate the appearance of the original natural tooth. A root canal is an effective method of saving an infected tooth from extraction.

Your tooth could need a root canal if:

– It hurts whenever you bite down on it, touch it or push on it
– It is sensitive to heat
– It is sensitive to cold for more than a couple of seconds
– There is swelling near the tooth
– It is discolored (regardless of whether it hurts or not)
– It is broken

To determine whether your tooth needs a root canal treatment, your dentist will often test it by placing hot or cold substances against the tooth. This is done to find out whether the tooth is more or less sensitive than a normal tooth. Your dentist will examine the tissues around the suspected tooth and gently tap the tooth to test for further symptoms.

Dentist For Root Canal Therapy in MN &WI | Veneman Dental CareRoot canal therapy is done using a local anesthetic, so you will not experience a lot of pain. At Veneman Dental Care we will make sure to fully explain the procedure beforehand and answer any questions or concerns you might have.

Root canal therapy can give you relief from ongoing deterioration, pain and infection of a tooth. While preventive dentistry is the best solution to preventing infection and tooth decay, when the tooth has already been greatly infected or deteriorated or has been broken severely, it is good to know that there is still a treatment that can be done to arrest the decline of the health of the tooth and prevent further infection.

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