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Root Canals

Save a Troubled Tooth from Extraction

Root Canals Reinforce Infected Teeth

What’s a root canal? It’s actually two things. It’s commonly known as a procedure to restore the inside of a tooth. What’s not as widely known is that a root canal is also a narrow channel inside your tooth where that procedure is performed. Sometimes a cavity is just within the tooth enamel and can be repaired with a filling. When decay reaches the pulp chamber of the tooth, where living tissues such as nerves and blood vessels are located, it can extend down into the root canals, through which those tissues are routed. These tissues are the source of sensation within the tooth, and an infection in the area can cause you severe pain and put your tooth at risk for breaking apart. With a root canal procedure, our skilled team can expertly clear away the damaged tissue and reinforce the tooth, saving you from having an extraction. We will always try to save a natural tooth before recommending extraction and a dental implant replacement. As skilled dentists with decades of experience, we know keeping your natural teeth healthy is the best thing we can do for your oral health which is why we offer leading care for root canals in St. Croix Falls and Woodville, WI.

Gentle, Minimally Invasive Root Canal Treatment

When you come to Veneman Dental Care, our first priority is always to make you comfortable. That starts the minute you come in the door to our relaxed, friendly environment. It continues when you undergo a procedure such as a root canal. Although not required for this procedure, our IV-certified practitioner makes IV sedation available during our root canal procedures to keep patients relaxed and pain-free throughout their treatment. IV sedation is especially useful for dental anxiety because it keeps you in a sleeplike state with no sensation during or memory of the procedure afterward. Once you’re sedated, we access the pulp chamber inside the affected teeth by making a small opening in the crown.

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We extract the infected pulp and all other living tissue before using our minimally invasive laser technology to disinfect, widen, and reshape the root canals. We then medicate the infected area before inserting a specially made dental material called gutta-percha into the empty root canals. We may also insert a post to help stabilize the tooth. Finally, we place a dental crown atop the affected tooth to seal the treatment site, strengthen it and allow it to function normally once you’ve healed. We’ll maintain your oral esthetics by matching the crown color to that of your natural teeth. After this, you can expect the same reliable performance from it that you would from any healthy tooth for years to come!

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Common Root Canal Symptoms

  • Acute tooth pain
  • Temperature sensitivity in your teeth
  • Redness or swelling of the gums
  • Eruptions on your gum tissue
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Don’t Lose a Tooth Unnecessarily

Let’s save it with a root canal.