Lending Club: Making your treatments faster and easier

If you have ever compromised with your dental treatment due to financial concerns, lending club patient solutions are your best resort. Veneman Dental Care is one of the best dental clinics in Maplewood. It offers a lending club solution for you to ensure quick access to dental treatment that suits your pocket. The lending club enables you to avoid long waiting lists and expensive insurance premiums. It presents swift and easy access to treatment, with specialists covering a wide array of dental treatments and procedures. You can choose from two plans, True No-Interest Plan and Extended Plan according to your requirements and budget. Both plans come with an easy online application process and offer flexible payment options. Once enrolled with the plan of your choice, lending club patient solutions accomplish your treatment in simple steps.


Book an appointment with your expert

The first step is to book a specialist for an initial consultation. You can choose your consultant on your own or the team can help you find the right specialist. The team will also assist you to make an appointment with the specialist at a time that suits you. The Veneman dental care provides exceptional in house facilities for the dental issue from braces to implants to orthodontic procedures. The lending club helps your payments every treatment your dental professional recommends. 


Initial consultation

The initial consultation is meant for the discussion of your problems. During the discussion, your specialist will examine your oral condition and may refer to your medical history. He or she will help you understand your problem. Based on the examination the dentist will determine what is needed to be done and recommend a further line of treatment. The recommended treatment can range from simple medication to complicated orthodontic or aesthetic surgery, based upon your problem. Irrespective of the kind of procedure suggested by your expert, the lending club patient solutions will help throughout the treatment.


Unambiguous and comprehensive pricing

Once your initial examination is over, it is time to determine the anticipated cost involved in the treatment. The lending club patient solutions will provide you completely transparent and unambiguous pricing. The lending club offers packages that are all-inclusive in nature. The packages include all aspects of your dental care. They come with clearly stated rates, sample monthly payments, plan amount, terms and specialties offered under each plan. The interest is charged at a standard prime rate only if the purchase balance is not paid within the promotional period. No interest is charged within promotional periods of the respective package.


The treatment procedure

After the line of treatment and the estimated cost is agreed upon, your treatment procedure can be started with no further delays. You can schedule your treatment at a convenient time with your consultant. The lending club patient solutions team will accord your support with all the information you need prior to your treatment. You can contact the team at any point in time to discuss any concerns related to treatment or payments. 

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