Going for Removable Dental Bridges? Here’s is What You Must Know!

Removable Dental Bridge more commonly referred to as denture is a replacement for missing teeth. Usually made up of acrylic resin, removable dental bridges can be made up of various metal combinations.

When a patient gets accustomed to using a dental bridge, he/she can practice some daily oral regime steps to make it keep working well. Moreover, based on the type of dental bridge, some care steps can be different.

Removable Dental Bridges - Consolidated Guide | Veneman Dental Care

How are removable bridges made?

The process of getting a dental bridge usually takes 5-6 appointments spread across a month. After the initial diagnosis, wax and impression bites are made to find jaw positions. These usually act as a ‘try-in’ to determine the colour, position, type and shape before a final denture can be placed for the patient.

Getting Removable Dental Bridge for the First Time

Getting dentures placed for the first time can make a person feel uncomfortable. However, with time and use, the mouth, gums, and teeth get accustomed, making the person feel normal.

A dentist guides a patient to usually wait for certain hours before getting it removed for the first time. Very often, the time duration for the removal of dentures is decided by the dentist until any issue or problem can be found. For instance, bridges can create too much pressure on gums and may need some adjustment.  Make sure to discuss about removable dental bridge cost with your dentist, before you plan to get them.

Removable Dental Bridges - Consolidated Guide | Veneman Dental Care

Adjustment and Care with Dental Bridges

As the name suggests, dentures are removable. They can be taken out and replaced by the patient anytime. Once a dentist has adjusted a good fit, the patient can remove it for cleaning and place it back in the morning.

It can sometimes be difficult to remove and replace dental bridges, but detailed instructions from the dentist can help.

As per general rule, it is important not to bite food while one is having a removable dental bridge. This can directly damage them and can even cause position change.

What should you eat with removal dental bridges?

Foods which are soft and not brittle should be cut into small pieces before eating with a removable dental bridge.

Make sure to be slow and chew evenly along both sides while you are eating for the first time with a denture. Avoid directly biting, or anything that is hard and sticky such as chewing gum.

How should you care with removable dental bridges?

Removable Dental Bridge require care and this involves proper cleaning of plaque and debris from it every day. Some steps should be followed are:

  • Stand over the sink with a towel folded. This will prevent denture damage in case you drop it.
  • Using a soft bristled toothbrush, clean the bridge with clean water. One can also use a denture cleaner, but avoid using home based abrasive cleaners as they can wear off the bridge surface.
  • Avoid using hot water, as it can twist or bent the removable bridge.
  • The metal on the denture can rust over time when soaked in an abrasive solution. Hence, be careful and do it only upon recommendation of dentist.

For more information on getting removable dental bridges or their cost, types and care regime, Visit Today.

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