Visit a Dentist for Dental Emergency

Visiting a dentist should be your first move when having a dental emergency. Most dental emergencies are not as severe as other medical emergencies. Still, you should call your family dentist at the right time and fix an appointment.

You can get in touch with the best dentists at Veneman Dental Care in case of a dental emergency.

Dental Emergency: Visit A Dentist | St Croix Falls Veneman Dental Care

Common Dental Emergencies

There are many dental emergencies you may come across. Given below are the two most common problems that need a dentist’s consultation.

Swelling on Face

Swelling on the face indicates a serious dental infection that needs immediate attention. Usually, these conditions don’t get better without being addressed at the earliest. Swelling on the face can be due to an infected tooth, bone infection, or gum infection.

Your first step should be to see a dentist right away. If you delay the appointment it may die from an infection in or around your mouth.

You should stay upright and not lie on your back while sleeping. You should consume a lot of fluids. Dehydration, when you have an infection, can make the problem worse.

Knocked out Tooth

If you lose any of your teeth, you will need a dental implant treatment. A dental implant fills the gap where the root used to be in the gum. If you are able to fix the knocked out tooth immediately there’s a good chance that it will fix. If the tooth is fixed back properly, you will still need a root canal. Therefore, you will have your own tooth without needing a dental implant.

When fixing the knocked out tooth, you have to pick it up by the crown, not the root. The crown is that part of the tooth with the help of which you bite. The root is the end of your tooth. If you touch the root, the tissue will get damaged and won’t help with re-implantation.

If it’s an adult tooth, it should be placed back in the socket. Before beginning the procedure, carefully examine the teeth on the other side of the mouth. What you see is the mirror image of the tooth you’re trying to re-implant. It would help you visualize how it should be placed back so that you don’t place it wrong. Make sure you carry out the procedure without touching the root of the tooth.

How to Deal with Dental Emergency

You should at once call a dentist near you and visit the dental office at the earliest. Either your family dentist or the dentist on call will look after your problem right away.

The most important thing you must know that all dental emergencies get worsened if you delay visiting your dentist. It also gets more expensive if your prolonged dental problem gets severe.

If you experience too much pain, ask a friend or family member to make a dental appointment. Take the right steps to reduce the dental pain until you see our experienced dentists at Veneman Dental. We are always available to help you stop the pain. Our dentists are known for stopping the pain and working to prevent any dental emergencies.

Contact Us today to ensure good oral health and prevent any dental problems.

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