What Are Your Treatment Options for Crossbite?

Crossbite is caused by the deviation of the tooth or the jaw. It causes several issues that include loss of teeth, jaw grinding and a receding gum line. Mentioned below are some of the treatment choices, recommended by best dentist, for people with crossbite:

Tooth Extraction

Overcrowding of your teeth may be one reason for crossbite. Some people have ‘extra’ teeth that crowd their gum line and lead to crossbite. To align the remaining teeth, your dentist might opt for extraction before giving you braces to treat the condition.


Braces are devices employed in dental orthodontics to straighten and align teeth and facilitate repositioning. In most cases, braces are used to correct malocclusions. The teeth are connected to each other with brackets and bands so that they don’t move and stick to their place.

Removable Retainer

Removable retainers help your teeth stay in place during night-time. These retainers are vacuum formed to keep the upper teeth in their correct place. People who are suffering from Crossbite are advised to use these retainers fulltime at the start of their treatment process. They can reduce its usage slowly and gradually as their condition improves.


Surgery is the last resort in case none of the other treatment options deliver the desired results. However, surgery is only recommended for adults whose gums have grown to their full size and will not develop further.


The bottom line is that you just ought to get away with Crossbite at a younger age. If you delay receiving treatment, the problem will only exacerbate and can prove painful. Now that you are aware of the viable treatment options for crossbite, you will be able to have an informed discussion with your dentist regarding the ideal course of treatment for you and ensure your problems is rectified completely and permanently.

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