Biolase iPlus

Advanced Dentist Machines - Biolase iPlus in Maplewood, MN & St Croix Falls, WI | Veneman Dental Care More comfortable and natural dental care for our patients

The primary reasons that make dental treatments such as filling a cavity uncomfortable for the patient are pressure, vibration, and heat. These factors come from the use of a dental drill. At Veneman Dental Care we are now using a device called the Biolase iPlus. This device allows your dentist to cut soft and hard tissues without using a dental drill, and without your having to experience any of the uncomfortable sensations of pressure, vibration and heat.

Most patients treated for cavities with the Biolase iPlus are able to experience the treatment without pain and even without our dentist having to use a local anesthetic. When used for gum procedures, the Biolase iPlus allows for better healing by decreasing swelling and bleeding, which gives you a faster and more comfortable recovery. The Biolase iPlus device used at Veneman Dental Care simply improves your entire dental experience!

Greater Precision Procedures Helping Dentist

Enamel is the hardest substance in the human body. The Biolase iPlus allows the dentist to more accurately remove decayed enamel material and also to cut gum and bone tissues when needed with such precision that the surrounding tissues are largely unaffected. The greater accuracy of Biolase iPlus also allows your dentist to preserve more of your natural tooth structure.

Less Risk of Tooth Fracture

When heat and high-speed vibration are applied to a tooth, there is also a risk for tiny fractures. These tiny cracks in a tooth will then require repair at some point in the future. Without heat and vibration, Biolase iPlus is very a gentle device to use on oral tissues, largely eliminating the risk of tooth fractures. Biolase iPlus is a more conservative way to cut and treat dental tissues, and causes less bleeding during treatment, and less swelling afterwards.