Reasons Why Your Jaw May Be Shrinking

Over the last 10,000 years, the shape, length and width of the human jaw have witnessed a considerable decline and change. The aforementioned period also coincides with the popularity and growth of agricultural farming. Wonder what is happening? There is no denying that genetics play a role in this phenomenon, the dominant factor, which has contributed to the poor jaw development, is the environment. Apparently, Dentist suggest three significant factors which have an influence on the shape and size of a person’s jaw.

Decline in Nutrient-Dense Meals

After the advent of agriculture farming, there has been a decline in food that is rich in nutrients. This has led to a significant increase in the ratio of processed food in our diets. There is a deficiency of requisite nutrients in these sugar and grain products, which has compromised our bone metabolism.

Greater Percentage of Soft Foods

Soft foods reduce the physical stimulus on various muscles that are linked with the jaw and jawbones. The popularity of soft foods grew after agricultural farming. Foods that are rich in starch and contain processed grains are a source of soft diet. Recent research in this area has revealed that the intake of relatively softer diet produces little mechanical stimulus for the bones and muscles which constitute the jaw. This results in the decline in the physical dimension and density of a person’s jaw over a period of time.

Tooth Loss

When a person loses multiple teeth and they are not replaced via dental implants, the body makes an implicit decision that the person has no need for the jawbone. Consequently, it initiates the process of reabsorbing the bone and breaking it down. Gradually the jawbone starts collapsing and loses its stability. This process may take up to twenty years. This is one good reason for the timely replacement of any missing teeth.

If you are facing any dental problems, particularly tooth loss, you should consult your dentist without delay.

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