Best Practices for Dealing with Fear of the Dentist

Best Practices for Dealing with Fear of the Dentist

Do you fear to visit a dentist? If yes, you are not the only one who fears a dentist. It has been found that almost fifty percent of the people fear dentists. Some people have such a strong fear that they are unable to get the dental care they need.

If you avoid regular dental cleanings, you may develop serious dental issues leading to pain or tooth loss. The good news is you have many options to deal with your fear of the dentist.

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The Reasons you are Scared of the Dentist

The fear of the dentist often leads to anxiety in a person. The reasons may vary individually but can be categorized into the following-

  1. Past Experiences: You may have had a bitter experience in the past during your dental treatment. As a result, you develop anxiety and fear which is difficult to let go easily. It happens when your past dental treatment had some complications or extremely painful. One bad experience develops a fear which you go through whenever you have to visit the dentist.
  2. Pain: Pain is another common cause of developing the fear of going to a dentist. You might be scared of going under the knife at the dental clinic when you see those sharp tools.
  3. Embarrassment: Not maintaining a good oral health routine causes your tooth and gums to look bad. It is this embarrassment of not having good teeth that make you avoid dental sittings. If you do not get your teeth checked regularly, they might develop cavities and other problems.
  4. Lack of Control: Lack of control is nothing but the restlessness that you feel when reclined at the dentist’s chair. You may develop dental anxiety with the very thought of a dentist examining your mouth.

Cope with your Fear of the Dentist Easily

There different ways to cope with your fear of the dentist. At Veneman Dental, you get the best practices to deal with your fear. The best way to deal with your fear of the dentist is to face it and talk about it. Talk to your family dentist openly about your dental phobia. They understand your fears and will work out to reduce it as much as possible.

Here are a few ways your dentist may suggest to try-

  • Opt for Sedation Dentistry: You can choose sedation dentistry to avoid the fear of dental procedure. Many dentists administer sedatives in their clinic to help you relax during the procedure. Sedatives can be given in the form of local anesthetic, oral or intravenous sedation, and laughing gas. You can talk to your family dentist about the most suitable option for you.
  • Distraction: Distractions are a good way to avoid the fear and anxiety during your dental visit. At most dental clinics, you will find television sets to distract the patients while they have to wait for their turn. You can bring your own music player with headphones to listen to some music to calm yourself down. You can also use stress balls to reduce anxiety.
  • Use Self-regulation Techniques: There are various self-regulation techniques like deep breathing or meditation to help you cope with dental phobia. While at the clinic, you can practice the deep breathing technique to release tension. Meditation can be done before and after your dental appointment. Meditation helps to slow down your heartbeats.
  • Look for Therapeutic Support: To cope with your dental phobia, you can look for therapeutic support. You can have several counseling sessions with psychologists specializing in treating phobias.

Having dental phobia should never stop you from getting the right oral care needed. You can try the above practices to deal with your dental anxiety and fear.

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