5 Most Common Dental Procedures

Before going in for a dental procedure, there is a flood of questions in anyone’s mind. The person going in for the procedure begins to wonder what a dental implant or filling may be. This may be the reason why one may feel scared and confused about getting a dental procedure done.

Knowing more about the procedure, its benefits and possible risks can help lessen the amount of anxiety an individual might feel. If you are thinking of going in for a dental procedure, you may find our article useful as it provides brief information on 5 most common dental procedures.

1.     FillingsDental Implants & Common Dental Procedures at Veneman Dental Care

Fillings are the most performed dental procedures at a dental clinic. The need for fillings occurs when your teeth have been decayed. This is when you may want to look for specialized dentistry services for kids as kids might feel particularly anxious and scared at the thought of visiting a dentist.

Dentists have many different methods to figure out if you have tooth decay. They may use cavity-detecting dyes and x-rays. For surface cavities, dentists use silver metal or white composite to fill in holes or any crevices that need filling. This ensures that the cavity will not grow and it seals the tooth, protecting from future problems.

2.     Dental CrownsDental Implants & Common Dental Procedures at Veneman Dental Care

A dental crown is a cap that permanently covers an existing tooth. It is mostly used when the tooth has been broken, decayed, or chipped. They are also used after root canals for extra strength. These crowns are made up of metal, porcelain or a combination of the two.




3.     Root CanalsDental Implants & Common Dental Procedures at Veneman Dental Care

This is another common dental procedure used to remove the tissue that has become inflamed or infected. The infection or inflammation, if left untreated, can lead to other symptoms. In severe cases, a dental infection can cause buildup of pus that eventually leads to dental abscess. The formation of abscess destroys the bone and is very painful. After the root canal is performed, dentists put crowns to protect the tooth.



4.     Bridges and Dental ImplantsDental Implants & Common Dental Procedures at Veneman Dental Care

The only two ways of replacing missing teeth is bridges or dental implants. The term ‘bridges’ is used for a procedure in which a fake tooth is attached to your teeth using a crown. They can be supported by implants or natural teeth.

The other way is dental implants. Implants look like real teeth. They are fit into the bone socket of the missing tooth so as time goes on, they eventually become permanent.



5.     ExtractionsDental Implants & Common Dental Procedures at Veneman Dental Care

Another common dental procedure is extraction. This procedure is done when the tooth has been decayed or broken to the point where it needs to be removed. An extraction is the removal of the tooth from the socket in the bone. As painful as this may sound, it needs to be done in order to be relieve dental pain and discomfort.


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