Advanced Dentist Machines - TruDenta In MN & WI | Veneman Dental Care If you suffer from chronic headaches, migraine headaches, TMJ problems, there is something suggested by our experienced dentist, that can help you.

What is TruDenta?

  • TruDenta is a drug-free, pain-free, and needle-free system to provide long-lasting pain relief.
  • These therapeutic treatments have been effective in patients suffering from the painful conditions such as chronic headaches, migraine headaches, TMJ/TMD, and other painful conditions.

What will happen in a TruDenta exam?

  • The exam will include a computerized measurement of the force balance in your mouth on a tooth-by-tooth basis
  • The disability of your muscle movements are measured by computer
  • Mouth movement are measured

With these easy, painless tests, our dentists can identify what is causing your headache symptoms. The remainder of this complete exam helps your dentist identify other areas of mouth health, jaw muscle health, issues with your teeth, and other possible problem areas that will then be treated through your TruDenta therapy.

Only TruDenta dentists are utilizing this unique combination of measurement technology and education that can often lead to immediate symptom relief for patients.

What is the purpose of the TruDenta questionnaire?

  • A head health history form allows you to inform the dentist of all of your pain symptoms and concerns.
  • The form covers your dental history, head pain symptoms, and any possible causes of head pain.
  • The more information we have about your history of dental, head, and neck problems, the more likely we are to be able to help relieve your chronic head pain issues.

What is the TruDenta System treatment?

  • The TruDenta, in-office treatment includes a personalized regimen of gentle personalized regimen of low level laser therapy, micro current therapy, muscle manipulation, and ultrasound therapy.
  • Patients are also instructed to follow a specific at-home continuing care program. This includes exercises that are done between treatments, and an orthotic device to be worn for a short period of time, which provides control over the patient’s pain relief.



Download Tru Denta Brochure: Tru Denta Brochure