Digital Imaging

Advanced Dentist Machines - Digital Imaging | Veneman Dental Care We offer one of the latest technological advances in dentistry with digital radiography (X-rays). Anyone who has been to the dentist has definitely had x-rays taken of their teeth and jaw.

X-rays are a vital tool that dentists have used for decades to help diagnose patients and find out the state of the patients’ teeth. Whether the dentist is finding cavities, checking the development of teeth that are coming in, or checking on the health of the tooth root – all of these actions and many more are greatly helped by taking an x-ray photograph and seeing details of the bone structure underneath.

Today, digital x-rays (called digital radiography) allow for a more precise analysis of your teeth than ever before. Digital radiography requires only a fraction (10%) of the radiation dose used in traditional x-rays, while providing greatly improved image quality and greater speed.

Here at Veneman Dental Care we work consistently to utilize the most advanced dental technologies and techniques and thereby provide faster, more accurate and better service for patients. The technological advances in x-ray photography have made it possible to improve service for dental patients, and at Veneman Dental Care we are proud to be at the forefront of this technological advance.

When you get x-rays done at Veneman Dental Care, the results are available instantly and viewable on our computer screens. Our doctors can not only digitally expand and enhance the images, but can perform comparisons of your x-ray results over time and see even tiny changes in your jaws and teeth.

Know that at Veneman Dental Care you are getting the very best possible service, and digital x-rays are just one more way we strive to deliver that service.  Call Veneman Dental Care
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