Advanced Dentist Machines - CEREC  | Veneman Dental Care Our Dentist are proud to provide the CEREC 3-D Technology to our patients who are in need of restorations. The CEREC system has truly revolutionized the dental field by meeting the needs of patients in a more convenient manner.

Once upon a time, in the ancient days of dental care, getting a dental crown fitted and placed involved multiple trips to your dentist over a several week period. The impressions of the teeth would be made, sent to a lab, and weeks later the lab would send the crown to the dentist. Then the patient would come back to see the dentist, the crown would be tried out, and then any needed corrections would have to be sent back to the lab to be adjusted, requiring yet another visit to the dentist by the patient weeks later to see how the newly adjusted crown would look. Sound primitive?

Thankfully, those ancient days are over. At least they are for patients of Veneman Dental Care. Other dental offices that haven’t adopted these latest technologies may, sadly, lag behind and still require patients to make all of those extra trips back and forth.

At Veneman Dental Care, CEREC technology is used to design, create and place all of our dental crowns. With a handheld scanner, an accurate 3D computer model of your teeth is quickly made. The crown is then created on site right in our dental office, directly from the computer model, utilizing Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) technology.

What this technology means for you is that when you come to Veneman Dental Care, you can get a perfectly fitting crown designed, created and installed in less than two hours. We can also save more of the healthy tooth structure in our patients while giving them beautiful, tooth-colored restorations that are metal-free and durable.

So whether you need a regular checkup and exam, fillings, an extraction, a dental bridge or crown, cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening, or dental care for a small child, you can depend on the staff at Veneman Dental Care to do the job right and make it a pleasant experience. Call us today at 651-770-7175 for our Maplewood, MN office or 715-483-9705 for our St. Croix Falls, WI office to set up an appointment.