Specialized Services That Dentistry For Children In MN Provides

Children from infancy to teenage come across many challenges related to their oral health. Dentistry For Children in MN aspires to guide children through their dental growth and development. Infants, pre-teens and teenagers, all respond to dental problems and treatment differently. A pediatric dentist chooses the most suitable approach to manage their behavior and help them avoid future dental problems. Dr. Derrick Veneman is the best Maplewood dentist with nearly 30 years of experience in the field of dentistry. With his team at the Veneman Dental Care, he provides you great care and highest quality outcomes within your affordable means. In addition to regular care, the following are some specialized services that a pediatric dentist will provide for your child. 


Establishing a Dental Home by the best dentist

Dental homes intend to make the first visit of your child to the dentist enjoyable and positive. Many pediatric and dental associations of America recommend the establishment of a dental home for children. The dentist refrains from using words like needle, drill, pull, etc which may cause unnecessary fear. They practice conveying the same message using words that are pleasant and non-frightening. 


Primary teeth care by Dentistry For Children in MN

Baby teeth play a vital role in the development of proper chewing and eating ability. They also provide space and guide the permanent teeth into the correct place. Primary teeth allow the normal development of jawbones and muscles and also affect the development of speech. Inappropriate care and ignoring cavity of these teeth frequently lead to permanent teeth problems in the future.


The eruption of child’s teeth

Teeth eruption is a process that begins as early as 4 months of age. Starting with the central incisors, lower followed by upper, primary teeth appear by the age of 3. The pace and order of eruption may vary. Around the age of 6, permanent teeth begin appearing, starting with the lower central incisors and first molars. The process continues up to the age of 21 with one or two years break from ages 8 to 10. The majority of the portion of the teeth eruption process is a part of childhood. Special attention by professionals and parents is needed to guarantee healthy development and avoiding problems in later ages.


Thumb Sucking

Thumb sucking is relaxing and makes the child feel secure and happy. Children should generally stop sucking between 2 and 4 years of age. This is by the time permanent front teeth are ready to appear. If your child sucks thumb beyond this age, it may hamper the proper growth of mouth and teeth alignment.  


Orthodontic treatments by a dentist near me

Child dentistry also seeks to identify bad bites and underdeveloped dental arches at an early age. Treatment initiated early can reduce the need for any major orthodontic treatment in the future. During 6 to 12 years of age, problems like jaw mal-relations and dental realignment can be recognized. This is an excellent time to start the treatment. At this age, the child’s soft and hard tissues respond best to orthodontic forces.


Handling dental emergencies is the best dental treatment

Children are always munching and are prone to injuries. They often fall prey to the bitten tongue, knocked out teeth, chipped teeth, broken jaws, etc. Temporary crown procedure or placing a removable dental bridge may be needed in some cases. A child dentist is specialized in treating all these conditions in the most gentle and effective manner. 

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