Say No to Using Your Teeth as Tools

Are you aware that you can fracture or crack your teeth if you’re not careful? If you use your teeth improperly, they can fall out. According to dental professionals, fractured or cracked teeth are one of the leading causes of tooth loss.

Sure, you can get dental implants to replace that lost tooth, but it just isn’t the same.

The job of your teeth is to chew food, not used as tools. If you use them as such not only you will be damaging them, but it will also cost you some expensive dental implants.

Here are a few habits that you should avoid if you want your teeth to remain strong and healthy.

Do Not Use Them as Scissors

Need to cut that piece of tape and can’t find the scissors? Your teeth aren’t a substitute for them. A lot of people use their teeth to cut tape or strings. Your teeth are not made to be exposed to such objects. The pressure exerted on them to cut through these things is far more than it is needed to chew food. It causes strain and stress on teeth, causing them to become loose and wobbly.

The damage to your teeth could be severe and you will eventually lose them. Use scissors to cut the thread and tape;  use teeth to cut food.

Your Teeth Are Not Your Third Hand

Your teeth can be of great help when you need to carry an extra item to the car or up the stairs. We have all done it at least once in our lives. But our teeth are not meant to be used as a third hand. Holding shopping bags or other things by your teeth can be really dangerous. If you trip and fell, you could get a serious injury to your face or teeth. It is worth making two trips for the protection of your teeth.

Do Not Use Your Teeth to Crack Nuts

One of the habits that get frowned upon by dentists around the world is using your teeth as a nutcracker. Yes, nuts are delicious, and getting through the hard shell is difficult; but it is not your teeth’s job to open them up for you. That hard shell can cause your teeth to get cracked or fractured.

Do Not Use Your Teeth to Open Things

You must never use your teeth to open letters, chips packet, or beer bottles. Using your teeth as a bottle opener can cause you to lose them then and there. The hard surface of the metal can scrape away the enamel from your teeth, which can lead to you getting cavities.

Your teeth are fragile and should never be used for anything but chewing food! You will be dealing with painful and expensive consequences if you use your teeth as tools.

Get your teeth checked today by Veneman Dental Care to make sure that they are healthy. The dentists there will provide you with excellent care.