PreXion Excelsior Pro

Continuing to keep up with the best dental care technology on the market, Veneman Dental Care has added the PreXion Excelsior Pro CT scanner.  

The scanner is used to create 3D imaging of your mouth, which provides many benefits to the patient. 3D scanning of the patients mouth is essential for the best possible outcomes for procedures that require precision.  Examples are impacted teeth, root canals, implants, and understanding growths or tumors in the mouth.   

This scanner saves the patient time and money. Previously, the dentist would send the patient to a CT scanning clinic to have accurate 3D scans performed. Delaying treatment, and costing additional money. Now, the 3D scan can be completed right here in our office and our dentist can quickly begin treatment.

It is a very simple and comfortable procedure for our patients, and because of the cone beam technology, less radiation is used, an incredible 90% less.  Yet, we get a much better image of the teeth and structure.  This technology gives us much more information about the patient.  The more information, the better we can diagnose and develop a treatment plan for the patient.  This good for everyone!