Dental anxiety and ways to overcome the fear

Do you feel anxiety, every time you book an appoint with your Dentist or walk into the reception room? You are not alone. Many people have fear or anxiety about visiting a dentist even if they have had good experiences in the past. This is because the feeling is not about the past experience but about the future event which may happen. However, identifying your fear and working a little bit around it can help you take this necessary health-care regimen effortlessly. Dr. Derrick Veneman’s. Veneman Dental Care center is dedicated to providing the most friendly and pleasant experience to the patients. Here are some common anxieties that patients usually have and ways to conquer them.


Dental Fear and anxieties 

Feeling discomfort during dental treatment is obvious. However, if the discomfort increases to a level that makes it difficult for you to take the treatment, it has to be eliminated. Common fears that patients have about the Dentist or dental treatment are the following. 

  • Needles

Some people get startled by the thought of injections inside their mouth into the gums. Others have a fear of needles in general.

  • Drill

People imagine drills of an instrument used at a construction site that can make holes in concrete. The imagination of happening similar holes inside their mouth generates fear and sound and vibrations increase it.

  • Pain

Even a normal toothache is extremely painful and can affect your jawline, cheeks, etc. People generally visualize this pain increased multiple folds during the treatment.

  • Embarrassment about the bad oral condition

There is often an embarrassment about bad oral hygiene. People think what the Dentist might say about the compromised state of their mouth. This also creates hesitation and discomfort. 

  • Feeling of helplessness

Being confined to the chair and not being able to talk about your discomfort also trigger fear. It sometimes evokes a feeling of claustrophobia.


Ways to overcome these apprehensions

Your fear and anxiety may interfere with the procedure. By controlling your nerves and being emotionally desensitized you can make things easier for your Dentist.

  • Identify your fear

To overcome any fear, it is basic to identify the fear in the first place. 

  • Choose a compassionate dentist

Your dentist can help you in dealing with your anxieties by telling you about the procedure. Dentists are often accustomed to these kinds of anxieties and can suppress these feelings by their words. Some dentists have distractive elements like music, television, etc in their clinic to divert the patients’ minds from the treatment. 

  • Take a companion

You can also take someone with you who can boost your confidence and make you comfortable in that chair. 

  • Mild local sedatives may help

You need not hesitate to ask for mild sedation if you think that can help.

  • Learn calming procedures 

You can learn calming procedures like mindfulness, meditation, and breathing techniques that are of great help in reducing your anxiety. 

  • Seek professional help

If your fear is taking over you despite all efforts, it is better to seek professional help. The best way to deal with fear is to find its root cause and work around it.

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